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Chimneys And Parapet Walls

Chimneys And Parapet Walls

Our team of roofers have many years experience in repairing and maintaining chimneys/parapet walls in and around London. Chimneys and parapet walls are two of the leading causes of water ingress resulting in internal damage that can easily be avoided.

Chimneys and parapet walls are constantly exposed to the elements often resulting in mortar between the brick work of the chimney or parapet wall starting to ‘crumble’. This weakening of the pointing (i.e. the mortar between the brickwork) will gradually act as a conduit to channel water into the interior aspect of the property. If the symptoms are spotted early enough then some relatively simple and cost effective remedial works will prevent potential future costly repairs.

Often you will spot a roof where you see vegetation growing out of a chimney breast, parapet wall or brickwork – this is where the mortar has been allowed to deteriorate to the extent that vegetation has been able to penetrate the fabric of the property. Once this occurs the costs to remedy are considerable more expensive as moisture has often reached the sub layers manifesting itself as damp patches on the walls or ceilings.

Did you know –
Parapet walls and chimneys on old buildings are a regular source of water penetration. They are usually built without any damp course using porous bricks and mortar. In periods of rainfall they act like a sponge, drawing in water which gradually soaks though into the living areas underneath. Lead flashings alone are often insufficient protection in such cases. Please let us know if you are aware of any such problems.