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Felt Roofing

Felt Roofing

Zest Roofing have installed Mineral Felt on roofs across London from small roof terraces to large commercial buildings.

We only use top grade ‘three layer’ high performance felt roof systems with the highest quality material and will offer a 10 – 15 year guarantee, depending on the nature of the installation. Zest Roofing only use felt manufactured by Pluvitec (ISO certified), an industry leading highly durable top grade mineral based felt.

Some facts:

  • Lifespan: most guarantees are 10 years however a well installed torch-on felt roof could last up to 30 years if looked after and treated well.
  • Repair: usually quite straight forward to repair; a repair would consist of a patch of felt appropriately burnt onto a split or breach in the existing felt. The felt to be replaced/patched should nonetheless be properly prepared before the new patch of felt is applied.
  • Installation issues or concerns: make sure that any contractor has full insurance to work with hot flame, we carry a £10,000,000 liability. Most builders are not insured for this therefore make sure you employ the services of a reputable roofer.
  • Flexibility: modern roofing felt has good expansion and contraction properties.
  • Vapour transmission: roofs are often called on to breathe. Thanks to the vapour layer, a felt roof will do this.